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June 23, 2006, 00:13 EST
holy shit
Posted by Ransom

I just saw the Supernatural season finale. That's just... whoa. After the impressive pilot, the show really got stuck in a rut with the exception of a few really awesome episodes around the place, but the last three episodes... dude. DUDE!

This beats even Lost's first season finale.

May 26, 2006, 13:34 EST
Posted by Ransom

Overhauled part of the site. Aside from the menu there's little visual difference and this should not interfere with your usual Porridge experience.

May 13, 2006, 18:53 EST
Art of Fan
Posted by Ransom

Captain Escushion, who is behind the post-apocalyptic comic Coiling Spine, has donated a spiffy piece of fan art, which is totally over here. This is also the first fan art PCD has ever received, REJOICE.

October 21, 2005, 14:40 EST
Hiatus = no
Posted by Ransom

The hiatus is over, Porridge Cooling Darkly will begin updating again this Saturday and will continue to update once a week. Sorry about the downtime.

September 21, 2005, 20:59 EST
Sexual Invert
Posted by Ransom

In other news, LibertyCabbage of Freedom Fries has discovered a startling scientific formula for sexual inversion. The controversial results can be seen here, or on the official report here.

July 9, 2005, 14:02 EST
Alert of Warning
Posted by Caesar

I should should eat warm people from this point onward, I am no longer a 'gag-on-hair' type. There will be circuses galore and comics with no lines! Some even with no discernable meaning at all. Don't worry, comedy is still there, watching you, writing down who you visit and making prank calls on your phone at three in the morning. Also, sorry about the abomination against nature page - I'll get the other two souls done as soon as I find another albino virgin.

July 9, 2005, 14:02 EST
Warning Alert!
Posted by Ransom

I should probably warn people that from this point onward, this is no longer a 'gag-a-strip' comic. There will be comics with no punchline, some even with no comedy at all. Don't worry, comedy is still part of the... comic, just not the only focus anymore. Also, sorry about the bios page - I'll get the other two pics done as soon as possible.




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